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Q1. Does Empathetic Hearts provide medical advice?
A1. No. We do not offer medical advice. Our check-in support services are for emotional compassionate support only and will not be used to treat or diagnose. If you have a health emergency or are suffering with your mental health, we strongly encourage you to reach out to a specialized medical professional /therapist within your local area.

Q2. What happens if the recipient receiving a check-in support service call doesnt answer?
A2. Proper protocols will be taken after two call attempts where an emergency contact (that will be required upon booking), will be promptly notified that the recipient was unavailable. Recipients should be made aware of a scheduled check-in support call and time and is required to be re
adily available to answer when the booked service time starts.

Q3. What are the protocols taken if the recipient isn't in good health; mentally, emotionally and physically the day of the check-in support call?

A3. The emergency contact provided at time of booking, will be promptly notified.

Q4. Is there a cost for the services Empathetic Hearts provides?

 A4. Yes. We offer affordable rates for our check-in support services. Please visit "Our Services" tab for more information about our rates.


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